If you love nature and oxygen more than carbondioxide, stay for free. Crash on our lawn. But this is for hardliners only, no fossil fuel-guzzling transports, no laundry, or tents, but, hey, the WiFi uses like 20 milliwatts, so be our guest. Probably hydroelectricity, right?

Sleep in your personal bed, with linen and all! Share all the common facilities, like TV-lounge and kitchen and get around instead of sitting alone at home. Dorms have their own bathroom, internet and such, but not much else.
If you don’t have lots of money to pay up front this is for you!!
No booking necessary, just show up with cash!! Better still, send us an email 24h in advance with details of your arrival and stay.


The apartments are equipped with bathroom and kitchenette. Each room is fully furnished, they have a private telephone line (14øre/min, i.e. 2 cents), bed(s), kitchen with 71 utensils, hotplates, microwave oven, refrigerator/freezer unit, wardrobe, desk, office chair or arm chair, internet, cable with 10 Norwegian and Swedish channels + BBC. The rooms are white, somewhat like a hotel. Many rooms on the 2nd floor have a nice view.
Common facilities include WiFi, Internet café, TV-lounge, common kitchen, free phone-line, launderette, gym. If you use everything, you will save lots of money.

The apartments are equipped with bathroom and kitchen or kitchenette. Each room is fully furnished, they have one/two private telephone lines (14øre/min, i.e. 2 cents) , beds, kitchen with 101 utensils, hotplates, microwave oven, refrigerator/freezer unit, wardrobe, desk, office chair or arm chair, internet, cable with 10 Norwegian and Swedish channels + BBC. The rooms are white, somewhat like a hotel. The apartments have 2-6 beds, depending on size and your request.

Common facilities include WiFi, Internet café, TV-lounge, common kitchen, free phone-line, launderette, gym. If you use everything, you will save lots of money.

Prices - prepaid 1 day 1 week 4 weeks
Dormitory 480 1180 3880
Studio - 2660 9880
2-room apartment - 3920 14880

For long stays prices vary for all units and seasons, enquire by contact page. We can offer service adapted to your wishes, so send any special requests. Deposit or guarantee usually applies for studios/apartments, and is set individually based on the form you send in, normally 5000 NOK. Dormitory does not usually require deposit.

Contact us for availability and details about room.
The rooms 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 17 and 18 share bath with the next room. The rooms 2,3,4, and 19 share bath. These rooms are cheaper than the normally equipped rooms of similar size. Ask for one of these to save on rent.

Contact us for availability and details about booking.

Rent is always prepaid in Norway. If you are booking less than 5 days in advance cash payment is the safest, unless you can pay from a Swedish account to our Swedish account 2 days in advance. The risk of payment not getting through in time is always yours when moving in. Booking is not usually done before payment is received. When paying in the bank always include the name of who is paying.

Bank from Norwegian account use no. 16442050507 in DNBNOR, Jessheim.

Bank in SWE: SHB (Clearing 6186) konto 176 766 448 -
We use exchange rates from Forex.no
Acus AS, Org. no.: 986381007

Totally awesome machines from Miele. They will do a normal wash in 30 minutes, and you can watch TV adjacent. These are the mega, maxi, pro models, so you just take your whole suitcase and empty it. Hell, you can probably throw the whole suitcase in. Instructions in 560 languages. And for now, this is still free. Look in the basement. No booking is necessary, so smart people go when they are free, not Saturday morning. Iron and driers also available.

All rooms have a private telephone line (14øre/min, i.e. 2 cents) . No surcharges. Dorms do not. But everyone can enjoy calling for free from the common area in the second floor (national), don’t forget to sleep.

Each room has a LAN connection to Internet. Some people think wireless is easier, so we have 4 stations covering the area. If you bring your computer, getting online is as easy as opening the box with a LAN cable waiting for you and plugging in. Forgot your computer? Use mine, in the common rooms. (Dorms do not have cable, but you can buy one from us) But behave! Use virus protection on your computer!

Each room is hooked up to a new and advanced TV-cable and computer network. From 4 satellite clusters you can watch up to 4000 TV-channels from all of Europe, this requires an inexpensive tuner (Thor, Sirius, Astra, Hotbird). The Norwegian ground antenna system now is digital (MPEG-4) and also requires a tuner, but we still offer some channels that you can see if you bring a regular TV. If you don’t have a TV, use our TV area or rent our DVD/TV/Satellite combo for more than 40 good channels (half Swedish or Norwegian) 280kr/week.

For the summer we open our café on the patio. Take your coffee or meal out and enjoy the sunset under a cozy roof. We supply a coffee machine, and the computers are always available for guests.

See the rooms

Call us to see the apartment you want, usually we show rooms at 1700 each Wednesday. Free rooms any time, call to make an appointment and confirm this the same day. Call Slawek on 9386 8892.
Coming from Oslo you will pass Jessheim, take the road 178 direction Sand and Holter. Passing Kiwi and just later the last roundabout, you have 4,1 km left. Take left in Sand (if you see the Kiwi-Sand you went too far), 2 km left. Passing Hovin school you have 1,5 km left, you have arrived as you see the sign Hybel-ledig. Parking is just at the right of the main road. Address: Krokfossveien 69, 2050 Jessheim.

Frequent bus service between Jessheim and the airport stops 2 km from the house by the Kiwi-grocery (nos. 815,854,855,334 at Sand). Infrequent bus service stops just outside the house (nos. 851, 3680, 3539 at Åstad).
» http://www.trafikanten.no

To get to the house from abroad first get to the airport. Trains for Lillehammer are good. Once there, take bus 815 and walk the last 2km, or take a cab from the airport (200-250kr).

Take the back road past the farm, and soon you will see the airport. All the way you will be off the heavily trafficked roads and the first part is likely to pass before you even see a car. Nice to walk too, but a bit far.

O.K., so it looks like Kansas, but no twisters though.

Raknehaugen lies close and has a beach (2km), this is next to a Viking grave. There is a crowded beach close to Jessheim also, but better stick to the one close by.

An extensive bike- , ski- and wandering path passes close to the house. This bike path goes from Oslo to Trondhjem, 550km.

Jessheim now has one of Norway’s largest and best shopping malls. No bargains though. If you go there DO NOT MISS THE COFFEE at Dromedar. 4th place in the national finals. Cinema is next to the mall. They have concerts too. » Read more

In Jessheim you can meet up with the local cowboys and girls, actually some of our well known pageants come from this place. Try the local bikers pub.
By computer gear at Elkjøp, next to the train station, over the bridge.

Going cross country skiing in the path just outside is the best thing in winter.
Hang out at the airport. The coffee stinks, service sucks, and the prices are the worlds highest, but still, this is where you will see all the Norwegian celebrities passing by. But better still, take a plane out of there. They have internet there, and a bank also.

Jessheim has some restaurants and pizza and such. Bloody EXPENSIVE.
The airport has some nice food and pizza. Bloody, BLOODY, EXPENSIVE.

Satay on your way to Jessheim has lots of good asian stuff for take away. Stop there!

KIWI in Sand is the cheapest and closest and also best grocer in the area. So don’t waste time, shop close to home. My favorite: fish cakes, lompe and aioli or mustard: cheap, Norwegian and good. Unfortunately, it takes about 30 seconds to nuke in the micro, but nothing is perfect.

Pasta tastes O.K. if you have Italian red wine.
The best food is the one you share with your friends.

We have lots of rules. Mind you, most tenants are nice young Swedes working at the airport and they are so well organized we don’t make a fuss about the rules, really. You will see rules in the contract.

It is true. We do not burn charcoal to heat the house anymore!
Carbon fundamentalists as we are, we even went strictly electric last year. This nice furnace is just there in case of a nuclear war or something. So we have all bases covered. Actually next year we will get a solar collector and heat pump to reduce the electricity consumption, equal to 15 families presently.

If you need one take one, if you have too many, leave them.

Current crisis in finance, housing, climate, credit. Red numbers. Something must be done! We already did. Our outh to you is that all the major hotels at Gardermoen will always keep a higher price and standard than we will. Why pay more. Are you able to put your own beer into the refridgerator? Take your clothes to the laundry? Make breakfast? Tidy your room? Take care of your room key? We supply you with the fridge, laundrette, utensils and coffe machines, so why pay for the wasteful service? Our start was salvaging a historic building near Gardermoen from the neglect of public ownership. Totally remodelling it, but conserving the house to avoid unnecessary waste of materials. This is sustainability. We reduced our carbon foot print enormously, and we are continuing to do so. Thanks to your good judgement.